Advantages of Online Recruiting Videos in the Hiring Process

Currently, many people are feeling a sense of urgency when searching for a job. Perhaps they’re recent college graduates, new to the field, or changing occupations altogether. Regardless of their situation, they often feel the pressure to find a job sooner rather than later. They don’t have time to sift through countless classified ads with vague job descriptions that might match their skill set.

As an HR professional, your primary business goals probably include connecting with job seekers, while also promoting your brand and company culture. If your company’s success depends on hiring the best talent, then how do you ensure that you’re reaching the right candidates?


This is where recruiting videos come in. They should answer the basic questions of what type of products or services you provide, and why someone would want to work for you. Using them effectively can benefit both you and potential new hires.

The main advantage of recruiting videos is that they can save you time. For example, you won’t have to answer as many questions as you do when someone contacts you by phone or email. A video — on your website, for instance – can answer initial questions and encourage people to follow up with you if they’re interested in a position.

Providing a snapshot of your business is easy to do with a video. You should let your employees know ahead of time when you’ll be filming, but you don’t have to stage the scenes or hire professional actors. Your viewers will be able to spot a fake scene, anyway. You could film a typical day in the office, as well as include a few special events or projects. Job candidates should be able to picture themselves in the positions. Record a few testimonials by different staff members to help your viewers identify with the company culture.

As you plan the production of your video, make sure it’s an appropriate length. You have to balance including enough information about your company with recognizing the relatively short attention span of online researchers. The ideal length, according to several marketing professionals, is approximately three minutes.

When posting your video, don’t limit its location to only your website. You should also feature it prominently on YouTube (or other relevant video subscription site) and your company’s page on LinkedIn, just to name two options. The most important thing is to make it easily searchable (and shareable) by anyone. This will ensure the broadest possible reach to top candidates.