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Hi! We’re The Metier Group and we’ve been helping business owners get their lives back by letting us do what we’re good at, whilst letting you do what you’re good at.

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Helping You Focus on Core Business Activities

Bookkeeping and tax compliance are non-core, yet essential, back-office functions. But why spend your precious time managing these tasks when you can rather focus on doing what you do best? By working with The Metier Group, you can have peace of mind knowing that your bookkeeping and tax are taken care of, while you improve your bottom line.


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What our Clients Say

"Matt got my books, my BAS, and ATO compliance up to date and I got the business advice I needed"

I now have 5 staff, 5 vehicles on the road, and a full order book.

At the start, I was just a 2 man partnership with one vehicle and a bit of work.

I was under pressure because I was getting behind and the compliance stuff was getting out of control. Matt got my books, my BAS, and ATO compliance up to date and I got the business advice I needed. I now have 5 staff and 5 vehicles on the road and a full order book. To help with my business growth, I got Matt to find, hire, and manage my admin staff.

Liam B