We get it, business can be fun, provide us with lots of opportunities and provide amazing experiences for our families.


sometime it can straight out suck.

Fortunately there are often cost effective solutions for Directors to extinguish old debts, avoid liquidation and continue trading either as is or in a restructured way.

We here at the Metier 2020 pride ourselves in providing tailor made peace of mind solutions for you and your business.

  • Voluntary Administration: The Director’s powers are suspended whilst we assist in either save or restructure your business
  • Small Business Restructuring: Similar to the above but you remain in more control
  • Deed of Company Arrangement: usually the outcome of a VA. A payment arrangement binding all creditors and usually managed by the Administrator
  • Liquidation: Generally the result of a VA or a SBR if no assets can be realised to satisfy creditors.

Regardless of the outcome it’s important to remember that often Insolvency and/or Administration is not necessarily a product of your inability to own and manage a business. Sometime SH%T happens.

Reach out to us, don’t beat yourself up. We’ve seen it all before. We can help.